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Your work was thoughtful, insightful, clear and concise. I was also impressed by how well you both mastered the information. It was obvious that you lived the research and that you are passionate and certain about the results. The kind of confidence that you both showed when presenting gives me confidence to proceed with our strategy.

Marta Calle
Crate & Barrel


While globalmosaic® is a truly nifty name for a business, capturing a sense of expansiveness, intricacy, order, and beauty in two words, for me, globalmosaic® is really the unique partnership of two wonderfully talented people, AnneMarie Evans and Chris McGahay. Many of us in the Bayer Consumer Care organization have had the pleasure and privilege of working with AnneMarie and Chris on some of our thorniest strategic issues, and they have consistently delivered the goods. They provide us with powerful tools to connect a deep understanding of what makes consumers tick with the business issues and opportunities that we are facing. While lots of people talk about the importance of “co-creation,” AnneMarie and Chris actually help us to do that by guiding us through a thoughtfully designed and innovative process that brings the practitioners of multiple business disciplines together with consumers to uncover inspiring insights and meaningful opportunities. And they do it all with a sense of grace, focus, firmness, fun, and flexibility. If anyone can herd cats, AnneMarie and Chris can. If you haven’t worked with them, you’re definitely missing out.

John Willard
Director, Market Research & Consumer Relations
Bayer HealthCare


We have partnered with globalmosaic® on numerous innovation and positioning initiatives across our business. They have an innovative approach to engaging both our stakeholders and consumers in new ways, extracting deep insights into the category and consumers of interest, and then using co-creation to harness that energy into compelling brand ideas and innovation opportunities.

And in addition to the strong value they add, they are a true pleasure to work with.

Heather Buettner
Senior Director, New Product Development
Kraft Foods


globalmosaic® has been instrumental in helping us unlock new opportunities in the highly competitive confections segments by getting inside the culture of the brands and the mindset of people using them. globalmosaic's® strategic, consumer-centric approach allowed us to uncover pivotal insights that then translated to thoughtful innovation strategies and inspired highly productive innovation workshops. globalmosaic® was a true partner throughout, bringing both thought leadership and a sense of collaboration to every step of the process.

Dicy Burton
Marketing Director, Confections New Products
Wrigley Company


globalmosaic® has a unique way of engaging consumers in a generative, co-creative capacity. Over the past two years, globalmosaic® has partnered with us to identify our new positioning and on subsequent initiatives to create meaningful innovation and initiatives that continue to build this narrative.

Russell Weiner
Chief Marketing Officer
Domino’s Pizza


globalmosaic® is a fantastic partner to understand our current and future consumers. They really get a brand's objectives and have tailored programs to fit our budgets and tight timelines. The results were rich, and best of all, useful to all aspects of our business from education, sales, communication and product development. AnneMarie and Chris make a great pair!

Michael D’Arminio
Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer


Time and again, globalmosaic® has helped brands in our division get immersed in our prime prospects' lives and identify the values that propel them in life and in our categories. Leveraging their co-creation process, our teams have built powerful brand ideas that work hard to unify our marketing efforts and resonate with consumers.

Girard Smith
Vice President
Bayer HealthCare


As the Vice President overseeing innovation and new product development at two separate companies, I have sought globalmosaic's® partnership time and again over the years. globalmosaic® offers a unique approach to entering the world of our target culture and then working with them collaboratively to co-create breakthrough insights and product innovation concepts and even gain feedback on those concepts. All this happens in a cohesive and affordable way. It is a turnkey operations that I will continue to use no matter what company or industry I am in. I highly recommend globalmosaic®. They have their hand on the pulse of the consumer and can capture insights into any category or market a customer needs.

Cynthia Milgroom
Former Vice President of Marketing
VP of Marketing,