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Culturologists™ are experts in the art of understanding/interpreting a target culture
and building brands to embed in that culture.

AnneMarie Evans (Culturologist™)


AnneMarie founded globalmosaic™ in 2002, after working as a Global Brand Strategist at the Senior Vice President level for BBDO Worldwide and as a Vice President and International Director for Leo Burnett on projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America. She has 20+ years of experience as a brand strategist, having lived on three continents and worked on brands across more
than 50 countries.

She is viewed as a global thought leader, having been selected as one of 36 founding members of the BOP (Base of the Pyramid) New Product Protocol, an international consortium of multi-national companies, NGOs, academics and social entrepreneurs charged with imagining/testing new business models for creating and marketing new products in developing countries.

AnneMarie completed her graduate work at the University of Chicago, specializing in globalization, global/regional cultural, economic and political trends, and the evolving role of brands in developing countries. She was nominated for highest honors in her field, and continues to speak on globalization and culture.

Chris McGahay (Culturologist™)

Chris McGahay

Chris joined globalmosaic™ in 2010, after working at Energy BBDO as Senior Vice President and co-leader of Account Planning. Prior to that, Chris was elected Partner at Tatham Euro RSCG where she served as Group Account Planning Director and Brand Consultant.

Chris has 20+ years of global brand strategy and communications experience across a wide range of clients and categories from health and wellness, beauty care, laundry and toys, to hospitality, travel and banking. She has immersed herself in the cultures of moms, teens, boomers, bankers, doctors and many other cohorts, bringing to bear insights and ideas for how brands can make highly resonant connections across the marketing mix, from product innovation to holistic communications.

Known for her keen human insight and ability to crack the code on consumers, creatives and clients alike, Chris is a gifted facilitator or “cat-herder”, as she calls it. She has a BA in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, specializing in Advertising.