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We see humans, not consumers. Humans with lives that extend beyond any category . Humans that view the world through their own unique lens informed by their values, beliefs and experiences: their culture.

A consumer culture can arise from a shared geography (i.e.: the emerging middle-class in China or upcoming elite in Russia) or a shared mindset (i.e.: technology leaders, global health influencers, kids with diabetes).

To create brands that are truly embedded in culture, globalmosaic® values:

People as Humans First.
We are all humans before we are consumers. Embedded brands tap into something deeper, that which connects us as humans, not just consumers of a category.

The Power of Co-Creation.
Just as humans are no longer passive consumers of media, globalmosaic® empowers them to actively shape brand/product/service development. Engage potential end-users far upstream and in a generative capacity. Allow them to inspire, not just evaluate.

Brands as Cultural Constructs.
Meaningful brands are not one-dimensional. globalmosaic® builds brands that themselves embody values and beliefs that connect with the target culture.

Linking Inspiration to Activation.
Inspiration is only as good as the output that results. To often, inspiration is never translated into meaningful brand ideas that become embedded in the market. globalmosaic® tools/deliverables are designed to close the loop between inspiration and activation.